Monday, July 19, 2010

Interlock and Asphalt

As part of this summer’s exterior work, we decided to get our driveway repaved at the same time we were getting our interlock laid in the backyard.

When we made the decision to get rid of our garage in the backyard, we decided to turn that area into a patio.  By laying interlock, the area will still meet the City’s zoning requirements for a parking space behind the house, but we’ll use the space as a patio.  Eventually, we plan to build a deck that will step down onto the patio.


Once the fence posts were installed, the contractors came and laid the interlock.  And then we finally got the new asphalt on the rest of the driveway.  Things are starting to look really good out there!


Thursday, July 1, 2010


While the workers were busy building our new porch in the front, we turned our attention to the backyard.  Once we tore the garage down, Dave and his friends installed the 6x6 cedar posts for our new fence.

IMG_4833 IMG_4832

The fence will run along the east side of our yard.  Since our “official” parking space will also be in our backyard, we decided that we will install a gate to fully enclose the backyard space.  Dave decided to dress it up a bit with a decorative piece across the top of the gate.  Finally, he stained the posts with a natural cedar-coloured stain.


IMG_4841 IMG_4850IMG_4851 

Once the fence posts were completed, the paving company was ready to come and start prepping the backyard and driveway area for interlock and new asphalt.

Thanks to Chris, Rob, Stu, Shawn and Guy for all your help!

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