Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Checking in on the To-Do List

It’s been one year since we moved into our house, so we thought it might be a good time to check in on the status of our projects.  After moving in and getting settled, we put together our to-do list – a list of the projects we hoped to tackle (or at least begin to tackle) in 2010.

Let’s see how we’ve done:

Green – Project is underway but there are a few obstacles.
Red – Project is not a priority and we decided to put it on hold.
Black – Project is completed.

  1. Finish installing trim on the main floor.
  2. Finish caulking and painting all trim.
  3. Stack the washer and dryer.
  4. Hook up the phone connections.
  5. Finish all the data wiring (internet, cable, etc.)
  6. Apply for a permit for a front parking pad.
  7. Paint interior doors.
  8. Order glass for basement shower.
  9. Install kitchen backsplash.
  10. Deal with the garage.
  11. Build a fence in the backyard.
  12. Landscape the front garden.
  13. Build a deck.
  14. Refinish the front door.
  15. Install closet systems in the bedrooms.
  16. Purchase a dining room table and chairs.
  17. Figure out storage/display solution for living room.
  18. Hang artwork.
  19. Purchase a dining room chandelier.
  20. Finish cold storage room.

While we’ve managed to complete quite a few things, we’ve decided to leave some of the projects for next year.  Of course, along the way, we also ended up adding a bunch of new projects to the list (which we also managed to complete!):

  • Tear down and rebuild the front porch.
  • Purchase and install the air conditioner.
  • Waterproof the front of the house.
  • Replace the eavestroughs.
  • Install a carpet runner on the stairs.

As mentioned in a previous post, with a baby on the way, we’ve shifted gears and are working our way through a new, shorter list of projects.  After we finish those projects and get settled with our new family member, we plan to get back to work on the projects listed above!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Stair Runner

No more slippery stairs!  We finally got around to purchasing a carpet runner for our stairs.

A few months ago, we showed you our refinished stairs.  While we loved the way they looked, we knew that adding a runner would help us avoid slipping and falling.


So, we went ahead an ordered some berber carpet from Lowes.  It took a couple of weeks after we placed the order for the carpet to be cut and bound, but last week it was ready to be installed. 


We’re really happy with how it turned out.  It looks great and it definitely provides some extra grip on our stairs, making them safer.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Putting on an Addition

After finishing most of our home renovations we thought it was time to put on an addition.  No, not an addition to our house… to our family.  We are expecting a baby boy in February!

Of course, with a baby on the way, our renovation priorities shifted and we’ve had to decide what projects need to be completed before he arrives.

Here is our current to-do list:

  • install a carpet runner on our stairs
  • paint and furnish the nursery
  • finish the main room in the basement, including:
          • ordering a built-in bookshelf/desk unit
          • paint
          • install subfloor, carpet and trim

With three months to go, we’ve got lots of work ahead of us.  Hopefully we’ll be ready in time to bring home our little man!

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