Sunday, January 3, 2010

Looking Forward

2010 shouldn’t be quite as stressful as 2009, but that doesn’t mean that all our work is done.  We still have a long list of projects that we plan to work our way through this year:

  1. Finish installing trim on the main floor.
  2. Finish caulking and painting all trim.
  3. Stack the washer and dryer.
  4. Hook up the phone connections.
  5. Finish all the data wiring (internet, cable, etc.)
  6. Apply for a permit for a front parking pad.
  7. Paint interior doors.
  8. Order glass for basement shower.
  9. Install kitchen backsplash.
  10. Deal with the garage.
  11. Build a fence in the backyard.
  12. Landscape the front garden.
  13. Build a deck.
  14. Refinish the front door.
  15. Install closet systems in the bedrooms.
  16. Purchase a dining room table and chairs.
  17. Figure out storage/display solution for living room.
  18. Hang artwork.
  19. Purchase a dining room chandelier.
  20. Finish cold storage room.

As you can see, there is still a lot of work to complete.  We may not get to everything, but we’ll do our best.

Not wanting to waste any time, we got straight to work on New Year’s Day, stacking our new washer and dryer.  They’re pretty large and a bit overwhelming in the space, but at least we gain some more floor space in our utility room by stacking them.


So far 2010 is off to a pretty good start.  We’ll post a little later this week about the other project we’ve tackled since the start of the new year – dealing with the phone, cable and internet wires.


Sharon@Sharon at Home said...

Love the stackables. Don't forget to take time between all those projects to truly appreciate the ones you've completed!

vez said...

Good luck with the parking pad application. That may be the most difficult task on this list ... haha.

We plan to apply for a parking pad some day, but there is a large tree on our front yard that would probably make it difficult to get approval, so we're secretly hoping that tree dies soon.

kris said...

Ooooooo...I LOVE that you can cross your list off as you go!! It's just so satisfying.

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