Thursday, June 24, 2010

The New Porch

We have a front porch again!  Once the porch was rebuilt with cinder blocks, it was finally time start making it look nice.

Inside the cold storage room, the walls were parged to leave a smooth surface.  Now it looks much cleaner and there isn’t anywhere for ants to live!  We also decided to get a window installed in the cold storage room, which will bring in some light and help us control the humidity during the summer.


IMG_4894 IMG_4889 

Outside, we selected a faux stone to face the porch with.  We chose a greyish colour stone.


Once the stone was applied to the porch, the guys built the formwork for the concrete slab and stairs.  We decided to go with a bullnose on the stairs to dress it up a bit.

 IMG_4855IMG_4877 IMG_4875 IMG_4876 

Now all that’s left to do to finish the new porch is to choose and install a railing!


diver2anne said...

Looking fabulous!

littlebitwired said...

Great Blog Jenn! I'll have to settle in for a good read!

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