Friday, January 21, 2011

The Nursery

As we mentioned back in November, we’ll be welcoming our baby boy in the next few weeks.  To prepare for his arrival, we’ve been busy working on a few key projects.

Of course, the most important project (or at least the first priority) was finishing the nursery.

Nursery 4

We decided to use the smallest of the three bedrooms for the nursery.  It’s a pretty small space, but we’ve managed to make it work.

We painted the walls a pale aqua (Benjamin Moore’s Icing on the Cake).  The curtains and crib bedding are Sweet Kyla.  The crib and dresser are by DaVinci, ordered from CSN Baby.  Our Dutailier glider was passed on to us by our generous neighbours who no longer needed it… what a treat!

Our goal with the nursery was to create a room with some fun colours, without using a really boyish theme.  We’re really happy with how it looks so far and hopefully our little guy will like it too!

Nursery 5The only thing left to do is get some artwork for the walls.  We think we’d like to incorporate his name into the art, so we’ll wait until he arrives to choose something.


InteriorGroupie said...

The room looks great! good use of the space too. It is a nice cozy room for your little one that will be joining the world soon!

diver2anne said...

Love the room...have been looking every day to imagine it. Can't wait to see artwork and NAME combined!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations and much luck to you with the new little one!

Sara @ Russet Street Reno said...

It's looking so pretty!

Double Glazing said...

I love the aura of the room. It is so clean, peaceful and relaxing. It maximize the space and the interior is simple yet elegant. Thanks for posting this article.

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